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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-Tenant Disputes In Arizona

Disputes frequently arise between landlords and tenants. While the common disputes generally involve late or withheld rental payments, pets, property conditions, and whether a tenant or landlord is responsible to make certain repairs, there are a variety of less common issues that may arise. Time is of the essence when it comes to landlord-tenant issues.

Zazueta Law, PLLC represents both landlords and tenants who are involved in disputes. We have successfully represented clients with respect to their eviction proceedings, whether they were the landlord pursuing the eviction or the tenant facing the eviction.

Arizona Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

Arizona landlords must keep their rental homes safe and livable to accept tenants. This involves following all applicable construction codes and keeping all utility equipment in good working order. Landlords must provide the renter with the property manager's name and address, as well as a signed copy of the lease and possession of the property.

Tenants, on the other hand, are required to pay rent on time. They are responsible for keeping the home safe and livable by cleaning and disposing of waste, keeping the property clean, and avoiding property damage. Utilities should be utilized fairly. Unless the contract specifies otherwise, the property must be used solely for residential housing.

If a dispute arises, an unrepresented landlord or tenant may become overwhelmed by the complexity of the legal system, the pace with which the process moves, and the general difficulty in understanding their rights under the Arizona Landlord & Tenant Act and other statutes. You should always keep apprised over your rights under the Arizona Landlord & Tenant Act.

Default Payments Tenants – Forced Detainer Lawsuits

The Arizona Landlord & Tenant Act provides four different ways a forcible detainer can occur. The most common situation in which a forcible detainer occurs is where a tenant whose lease has been terminated retains possession of the premises even after receiving a written demand of possession by the landlord. You can find additional information on the forcible detainers, including the rights of the parties, in Sections 12-1173 and 12-1173.01 of the Arizona Landlord & Tenant Act

Zazueta Law, PLLC has successfully represented clients in disputes involving forcible detainers. If you are currently involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, or believe a dispute is imminent, contact Zazueta Law for a scheduled consultation. We take the necessary time to review the facts of your case to recommend how you should proceed and whether legal representation is in your best interest.

Evicting without going to the Court

Landlords generally cannot legally remove their tenants without first going to court. Locking a tenant out of the property or disconnecting utilities is unlawful. It is in a tenant’s best interest to consult an attorney if your landlord has attempted to evict you without court intervention or has served you with an eviction notice. 

Is it possible for my landlord to modify the conditions of my lease after I've moved in?

A landlord has the right to modify the terms of the lease, but they must notify you of any changes. Inform your landlord within 30 days if you believe the new terms are unreasonable, confusing, or unjust. It might lead to early lease termination.

Consult our Arizona Landlord-Tenant Disputes Attorney

Landlord-tenant disputes can take many forms, ranging from upkeep and repair concerns to rent defaults and eviction. Knowing your rights as a tenant or landlord will generally help you save money and avoid the time-consuming and costly legal process. 

On behalf of both landlords or tenants, Zazueta Law has negotiated leases and settlements, and assisted clients in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes. If you are involved in a dispute with your landlord or tenant, or believe a dispute is imminent, contact Zazueta Law for a scheduled consultation. We take the necessary time to review the facts of your case to recommend how you should proceed and whether legal representation is in your best interest.

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