There are many different scenarios in which you may need an attorney for a real estate purpose. The most common disputes handled in the Arizona court system involves a dispute between a landlord and tenant. A lot of money ends up being spent in these disputes than should be and many of these problems can be avoided by simply consulting with a lawyer first. If you are a tenant or a landlord and are concerned that your rights are not being protected correctly, Zazueta Law is here to help. At Zazueta Law, our goal is to improve the lives of landlords and tenants. Our attorneys will demonstrate unsurpassed preparation and relentless dedication to clients who put their trust in Zazueta Law.

At Zazueta Law, we know that avoiding a lengthy court dispute often services the best interests of the business clients we represent. Nevertheless, we also know that aggressive advocacy is necessary to protect your interests and keep your business running smoothly. As a skilled real estate attorney, Mr. Zazueta provides predictive analysis and cost-effective representation using proven litigation strategies. No two clients are the same and no two cases are the same. Contact us today to lock in your 1 hour free consultation.